Collecting Autographs – The Food Network Top Chefs

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Everyone seems to love the Food Network.  Today were are going to review the signing habits of some of their biggest stars.

Guy FieriHe is a great guy and a very willing signer.  Mr. Fieri is exactly what you would expect him to be like.  He is quick witted, funny and a very nice man.

Paula DeanA very nice, slow moving southern lady.  Class all the way and a great signer.

Rachael RayShe is a nice person but not as good at signing as some of the others.  She seems to be pulled in lot of different directions and I think that makes her less willing to sign autographs.

Alton BrownHe seems to be a good guy albeit a little on the quirky side.  A good signer though.

Bobby FlayHe is probably the least friendly and toughest signer of all this group.  Don’t get me wrong, he will sign, but is just harder to get.

Emeril Lagasse – The Godfather of current celebrity chefs is a fantastic person and probably still the best signer of all.  Mr. Lagasse is incredibly friendly and very accommodating.  He really cares about his fans.

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