Collecting Autographs – Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter

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Inasmuch as Derek Jeter got his 3,000th career hit earlier today, I thought it appropriate to feature him and his signing habits in today’s blog.

Living in Los Angeles is a real luxury for me.  I am able to go after Hollywood autographs, the NBA and Major League Baseball as well.  Over the years, I have encounter Mr. Jeter many times in Anaheim at the stadium, after games and at the team hotel. 

This poor man is virtually assaulted by fans every where he goes.  He rarely gets a moment of privacy.  In spite of all of this, I have found him to be a very willing signer.  I have obtained his signature over a dozen times in all.  In my encounters with Derek Jeter, I have found him to be pleasant, considerate and thoughtful.  You can tell he always has his guard up (I guess he has to as he is always in the spotlight).  In many ways he reminds me of the late, great Yankee legend, Joe Dimaggio with the way he carries himself.

The bottom line: If you can catch him at a time when he isn’t mobbed by other fans, Derek Jeter will probably sign an autograph for you.

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Collecting Autographs – Tom Seaver

Tom Seaver

Image by williamhartz via Flickr

Today we comment on the autograph signing habits of pitching great Tom Seaver.  I have had the opportunity to meet the 300 game winner on a dozen or so occasions.  Each time without exception, I have found him to very consistent with his attitude towards fans.  Unfortunately, that attitude is arrogant, rude and total jerklike!

I have seen him brush by adoring children with acknowledging them.  On two occasions, I saw him in a profane ridden tirade directed at two autograph collectors.  Most often, he just ignores autograph collectors and pretends as though they don’t exist.

I can only assume that he is a very unhappy person and consequently, has trouble giving anyone else any joy.

So if you have the misfortune to ever meet this horrible man, I recommend you stay clear.  God knows how he might react to you.

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Collecting Autographs – Bobby Knight

Basketball coaches clinic

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I hope you all had a great July 4th and are doing well.

Today, we are looking at the signing habits of the controversial college basketball Hall of Fame coach, Bobby Knight.

One of the most polarizing figures in the history of college basketball, Coach Knight is fantastic with autograph collectors.  I have seen him in-person five different times and he has always been fantastic!  He will sign multiple items, all the while chatting it up with you and anyone else around.  Besides being a great signer, Coach Knight will pose for pictures and answer any questions you might have.  Make no mistake about it, he is very opinionated and won’t hesitate to prove it, but he is also a very, very funny person. 

Whether you love or hate him, Coach Bob Knight is a great signer!

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Collecting Autographs – Peter Falk Dead at 83


Image by whatleydude via Flickr

Today we mourn the loss of the great Peter Falk.  The former Columbo star died earlier today at the age of 83.

I had the wonderful luck to meet Mr. Falk in person on several occasions.  He would always to make certain to take his time and chat with his fans.  He would never turn down an autograph request no matter how busy or, how many distractions he was.

I remember on one occasion when I was working in Century City (Los Angeles), CA when I happened upon Mr. Falk.  He was leaving the building after a meeting with his attorney.  We must have chatted for 20 minutes about Columbo, Hollywood and the world in general.  He was amazingly funny, glib and just a great guy!

Goodbye Peter Falk, you will be missed!

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Signing Autographs – Clarence Clemons

Clarence Clemons in front of the "Four Se...

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Today’s blog is on Clarence Clemons, the great saxophonist who was the driving force behind many of Bruce Springsteen‘s greatest hits.  The big man passed away yesterday after complications from a stroke.  He was 69 years of age.

I only had the opportunity to meet Clarence Clemons twice.  Both times he was just  amazing!  He chatted with me about his career in music and on the big screen.  He willingly signed my items and posed for pictures.  I found him to be gracious, charismatic and very open to others.  He left us far too soon.

Rest in Peace Big Man!

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Collecting Autographs – Toby Keith

Toby Keith plays an acoustic set for the Soldi...

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In today’s blog we will discuss Toby Keith, one of country music‘s biggest stars, and his autograph signing habits.

Those of you who are fans of Toby’s will pleased to learn that he is not only fantastic on stage, but off stage with his fans too.  I have had the pleasure off seeing him in-person on numerous occasions and each time, he has been wonderful!  In fact, I can say that I have never seen him turn down a fan with an autograph request.

Toby Keith loves his fans and shows it in every way imaginable.   He is a great guy on every level.  He deserves all of the success he gets!

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Collecting Autographs – Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen

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Hello everyone!  Today’s blog will focus on the autograph signing habits of actor Martin Sheen.  I have had the good fortune to meet Mr. Sheen on four occasions.  Once in a restaurant and the other three times in Hollywood

Martin Sheen is one of the friendliest, most humble celebrities you will ever encounter.  On all four occasions, he took his time with fans, taking pictures, signing autographs and chatting about his films and current events.  He is an absolutely amazing human being!

If you ever by chance happen to meet him you won’t be disappointed.  He is truly one of the good guys in Hollywood!

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