Collecting Autographs – John Dean

John Dean at a book signing in 2008

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I recently posted a blog on the signing habits of Watergate conspirator G. Gordon Liddy.  Today’s blog, will review the signing habits of his nemesis, John Dean.

John Dean lives in Beverly Hills, California and is reported to be in ill-health.  I last saw him in public two years ago and he looked great at that time.  He has always been a great signer and very kind to those people asking for his autograph.  He would shy away from questions about Watergate and clearly, those questions would upset him.  But, when it came to just autographs, John Dean was a fantastic signer.

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Collecting Autographs – Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker 1719

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There is no question that Sarah Jessica Parker is one of Hollywood‘s leading ladies.  The good news is that she is a superstar on and off the silver screen.  Being fortunate enough to live in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles, California, I have seen many stars over the years.  I can honestly say, none are better to their fans than Sarah Jessica Parker.  I have seen and asked for autographed on probably a dozen times.  Each and every time she had granted my request, signing multiple items.  She poses for pictures, chats with fans and is just an amazing person.  SJP is topps with me and many other autograph collectors! 

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Collecting Autographs – G. Gordon Liddy

G. Gordon Liddy, Miami Book Fair International...

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Hi everyone out there.  Today’s blog will look at the signing habits of G. Gordon Liddy.  Now an author and syndicated radio host (Radio America), Mr. Liddy is best known for his involvement in the Watergate conspiracy which eventually led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1975.

I have been fortunate to meet G. Gordon Liddy on three different occasions.  Each time, I have found him to be quite engaging, very personable and willing to autograph anything presented to him.  He is open to conversation on any subject including Watergate.  Each time I had multiple items for him to sign and he was great about it.  Once, he even asked me if I had anything else for him to sign!  His candor is refreshing and, you can’t help but like this man after speaking with him, regardless of your political views.

In conclusion, G. Gordon Liddy is a great signer of autographs.  If you ever come in contact with him, don’t miss your chance to get an autograph from a man who was a key player in a controversial part of American history.

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Collecting Autographs – Laker’s Coach Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson, an NBA coach with 9 championship...

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Living in Los Angeles has a lot of pros and cons.  Driving to Santa Monica in traffic every day is definitely a negative!  From an autograph collecting standpoint it is a slice of heaven!  Everybody who is anybody seems to be in LA at one time or another.

Today’s blog centers on the now former coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, Phil Jackson.  Over the years, I have the good fortune to run into the Basketball Hall of Fame coach on numerous occasions.  Every time, I found him to be very kind and generous with me and, everyone he dealt with.  Once at the Staples Center after a game, I chatted with him for about ten minutes covering what seemed to be every topic under the sun.  Coach Jackson is a very funny, clever man with a hilarious sense of humor.  He also loves talking about his playing days with the New York Knicks.

If you ever get the chance to meet Phil Jackson, you are in for a treat!

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Collecting Autographs – Willie Mays, the Worst Signer

Retired Player #8

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Today, we are talking about the worst signer in all of baseball.  This of course is The Say Hey Kid, Willie Mays.  As a  collector of autographs for over 40 years and, a former season ticket holder at Dodger Stadium, I have probably seen Mr. Mays a couple of hundred times off the field.

I can honestly say without hesitation, he is the rudest, most hateful professional athlete I have ever seen when it comes to autographs.  He makes Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton or John Denny look like saints.  I have personally witnessed him telling kids to F— Off.  I have seen him tell collectors to go to hell and stick their items up various parts of their anatomy.

Most of my experiences with the San Francisco Giants great came when he was an active player during the 60’s and 70’s.  However, I have probably seen him action since that time about 50+ times.  I am sad to tell you that he has gotten much worse.  Even at autograph shows, where his autograph can cost north of $100, he is still a complete jerk!  Willie Mays has to be one of the most miserable human beings in existence.  This once beloved baseball icon is now nothing more than a pathetic old man.

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Collecting Autographs – Pro Football Hall of Fame Coaches

Pro Football Hall of Fame, at Canton, Ohio, Un...

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Today we are looking at the signing habits of living NFL coaches in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Chuck Noll / Pittsburgh SteelersThis four time Super Bowl winner is one of the most gracious people you will ever meet.  He is generous with collectors, signing just about as many items as you would like.  He class with a capital C!

Don Shula / Baltimore Colts & Miami DolphinsThe winningest coach of all time is a fantastic signer.  He will generally only sign one item per fan but, he will always sign!  Coach Shula is a very good guy and truly appreciates his fans.

John Madden / Oakland Raiders – This Hall of Fame coach is not a very nice person.  He is rude, obnoxious and in plain english, a jerk!  I have personally seen him push people out of his way if they were between him and his bus.  Like many former Oakland, he doesn’t seem to like football fans.

Joe Gibbs / Washington RedskinsHe is always good for one autograph for each person who asks.  Coach Gibbs isn’t overly friendly and doesn’t chat much but, he will almost always sign.

Bud Grant / Minnesota Vikings – Coach Grant is definitely as cold as ice as it pertains to his personality.  He is a 50/50 signer meaning, you never know if he will sign for you or not.  He isn’t mean but just doesn’t show much if any, personality.  He is really just what you would expect.

Marv Levy / Kansas City Chiefs & Buffalo Bills – He was a super coach and he is a super signer.  He loves to interact with his fans and sign autographs.  Coach Levy is a great guy in every imaginable way.  Give him an A+!

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Collecting Autographs – WWII Heroes

Grave Marker of Jimmie Waters Monteith Jr. at ...

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Today is Memorial Day in the United States, a day we honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for America.  In honor of them, we are looking at the signing habits of some of the American Heroes from World War II.

Walter Ehlers – Sargeant Ehlers won the Congressional Medal of Honor in France.  He is currently lives and Orange County, California.  He was featured in Ken Burns‘ “The War”.  He is a very friendly and fantastic man.  A great signer!

Hershel WilliamsA resident of West Virginia, Mr. Williams won the Congressional Medal of Honor fighting for our country at Iwo Jima.  He is a willing signer and will autograph multiple items for anyone who asks.  A fantastic man!

George Sakato – Private Sakato won the Congressional Medal of Honor on October 29, 1944 Biffontaine, France. A resident of Colorado, he is a wonderful signer and willing chats about WWII.  This great American is a real treasure.

Bud Anderson – Colonel Anderson was a Triple Ace in WWII.  He has published a book about his exploits and is an amazing individual.  He is a great signer and is very interesting to chat with.

Nicholas Oresko – Sargeant Oresko won the Congressional Medal of Honor during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II.  A resident of his native New Jersey, Sargeant Oresko loves to give his autograph to anyone who wants it.  This hero is one of the nicest men you will ever meet.

Charles P. Murray – Colonel Murray won the Congressional Medal of Honor in northeastern France during World War II.  He currently lives in South Carolina and is a very willing signer.  This American hero doesn’t hesitate to tell stories about his time serving our country and is beloved by all who are fortunate enough to know him.

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