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Today we are looking at the signing habits of living NFL coaches in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Chuck Noll / Pittsburgh SteelersThis four time Super Bowl winner is one of the most gracious people you will ever meet.  He is generous with collectors, signing just about as many items as you would like.  He class with a capital C!

Don Shula / Baltimore Colts & Miami DolphinsThe winningest coach of all time is a fantastic signer.  He will generally only sign one item per fan but, he will always sign!  Coach Shula is a very good guy and truly appreciates his fans.

John Madden / Oakland Raiders – This Hall of Fame coach is not a very nice person.  He is rude, obnoxious and in plain english, a jerk!  I have personally seen him push people out of his way if they were between him and his bus.  Like many former Oakland, he doesn’t seem to like football fans.

Joe Gibbs / Washington RedskinsHe is always good for one autograph for each person who asks.  Coach Gibbs isn’t overly friendly and doesn’t chat much but, he will almost always sign.

Bud Grant / Minnesota Vikings – Coach Grant is definitely as cold as ice as it pertains to his personality.  He is a 50/50 signer meaning, you never know if he will sign for you or not.  He isn’t mean but just doesn’t show much if any, personality.  He is really just what you would expect.

Marv Levy / Kansas City Chiefs & Buffalo Bills – He was a super coach and he is a super signer.  He loves to interact with his fans and sign autographs.  Coach Levy is a great guy in every imaginable way.  Give him an A+!

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