Collecting Autographs – Signing Habits of the 1972 Miami Dolphins

The Dolphin logo 1997-current.

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In our blog today, we are looking at the signing habits of the 17-0, World Champion Miami Dolphins.  We will break down some of the bigger names in this piece.

Don Shula (HOF) – The winningest coach of all time is a fantastic signer.  He will always take his time and sign an autograph for a fan.  He doesn’t chat as much as he used to but you can count on him for an autograph.

Bob Griese (HOF) – This former Purdue Boilermaker was an extremely reliable quarterback and he is just as consistent when it comes to autographs.  You can be sure of always getting a signature from him.  He is a very nice guy as well.

Paul Warfield (HOF) – He is still in incredible shape and almost looks as though he could play again today.  He is a kind, soft-spoken man, very thoughtful in his words and actions.  He rarely turns down a request from a fan and loves to talk Dolphins, Browns and Ohio State football.

Larry Csonka (HOF) – As you might expect, this former hard charging fullback is rough around the edges.  He isn’t very talkative and can be difficult to deal with as far as autographs are concerned.  If you are lucky enough to get his signature, it will only be one he personalises every item.  I have seen him turn down more autograph requests then not.

Larry Little (HOF) – This Hall of Fame guard is one best signers in all of football.  He never turns down a fan and will sign multiple items if asked.  He is a super nice guy and truly loves the Dolphins and NFL fans.  A true class act!

Jim Langer (HOF) – Like Larry Little, Mr. Langer is a willing signer and a super nice guy.  He is very generous with fans and I have never seen him turn down a request.

Mercury MorrisLike most of his former teammates, Mercury is a great signer.  He takes great pride in the 17-0 team and loves to talk about them.  I have never seen or known of Mercury Morris to turn down an autograph request.    You will have trouble finding a more extroverted person.

Jake Scott – He was great on the field as a player.  Not so great off the field signing autographs for collectors.  I have never seen him sign for a fan.  He is on the rude side, basically ignoring autograph requests.

Jim Kiik – Unlike his counterpart Larry Csonka, Jim Kiik is a super nice guy and a great signer.  He is very friendly, nice and always signs.  If you ever run into him, you will have a great experience with a great guy!

Bob KuechenbergMany believe he should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame like many of his teammates are.  If there was a Hall of Fame for autographs, Mr. Kuechenberg would be in it.  He is a great person and enjoys interacting with his fans.  He is very proud of the undefeated 17-0 team and in fact, adds 17-0 to his signature.

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