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Today we are focusing on the signing habits of the 12 living Pittsburgh Steelers in the Prof Football Hall of Fame.  Each player is listed by name and the year(s) they played for the Steelers.

Mel Blount (1970-1983) – Mr. Blount is a fantastic human being.  He was not only one of the all-time great defensive backs but, he also operates a home for at risk youth.  At one time, Mel Blount was a prolific signer.  He isn’t a good as he used to be but, he is still very good.  He has a quiet dignity about him and is class all the way.

Terry Bradshaw (1970-1983) – This four-time winning Super Bowl quarterback is one of the nicest, funniest people you will ever meet.  He is very opinionated and never hesitates to speak his mind.  By the way, he is a Hall of Fame signer as well.  Just a fantastic guy!

Len Dawson (1957-1959) – Not a lot of people know that this great Kansas City Chief quarterback started with the Steelers.  He didn’t much in Pittsburgh and of course ended up in Kansas City where he led the Chiefs to victory in Super Bowl IV.  This cancer survivor is a great guy and a fantastic signer.  Anyone who knows Len Dawson, is better of for it.

Joe Greene (1969 – 1981) – Mean Joe Greene is a very stoic, yet still intimidating man.  When asked for his autograph, he will give you a good long look, then usually sign one item.  Although he isn’t very friendly, he will usually give a fan his autograph.

Jack Ham (1971-1982) –  This great outside linebacker used to be incredible with autograph requests.  There was a time that he would never turn down a fan.  Nowadays, he is very hot and cold.  Your chances with him are 50/50.  I guess it all depends on his mood.

Franco Harris (1972-1983) – Franco Harris is similar to Jack Ham in the fact the he tends to be very inconsistent signing autographs.  I have seen him very willing to sign for fans, acting as though it’s one of his favorite things to do.  I have also seen him incredibly rude to his adoring public. 

Jack Lambert (1972-1982) – Albeit one of the greatest middle linebackers to ever step on the field, he is one of the biggest jerks off the gridiron.  Jack Lambert almost seems to take great pleasure acting like a rude idiot to autograph collectors.  I have probably seen him a dozen or more times over the years and in that time, seen him sign one autographs.  I have also seen him alienate virtually every fan he has come in contact with.

Chuck Noll (1969 – 1991) – Coach Noll isn’t in great health these days and of course that prevents him from signing many autographs.  When he was healthy, he was fantastic with fans.  He was very charming and never, never turned down an autograph request.  In all of the years I saw him interact with autograph collectors (there were many), I never saw him turn down someone who asked him for his autograph.

Dan Rooney (1955-Present) – When an organizaton is known for having class and being well run, it always starts at the top.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are no exception.  Mr. Rooney is one of the best people you could ever hope to meet.  He is very generous with his time and signature.  The next autograph request he turns down, will be his first.

John Stallworth (1974-1987) – Mr. Stallworth is as elusive to most autograph collectors as he was to defensive backs on the field.  He will occasionally sign for a fan but not often.  Unlike Jack Lambert, he is a nice person, just not a great signer.

Lynn Swann (1974-1982) – There are those who consider Lynn Swann a marginal Hall of Famer.  I can tell you first hand that he is a Hall of Fame signer.  He rarely turns down a request, chats it up with fans and is a good guy.  He will almost always sign one item per collector.

Rod Woodson (1987-1996) – I have met Mr. Woodson on four separate occasions and each time he has been a willing, gracious signer.  He usually seems to be in a hurry but, will always stop and give his autograph.  He is a very classy person and seems to genuinely enjoy his fans.  As an aside, he has a terrible signature.

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