Collecting Autographs – The Cast of Criminal Minds

On the set of Criminal Minds

Image by danhuse via Flickr

Let’s look at the cast of the CBS primetime hit drama, Criminal Minds and their signing habits.

Thomas Gibson (Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner) – Mr. Gibson is a very hot and cold signer.  I have seen him sign any and everything and other times he can’t be bothered.  Your chances with him are 50/50.

Joe Mantegna (Senior SSA David Rossi) – Not only is he a great guy but,  he is a fantastic signer as well.  I have obtained his signature on numerous occasions and in fact, have never seen him turn a fan down.  He enjoys chatting about the show as well.  Joe Mantegna is a very classy guy!

Matthew Gray Gubler (SSA Dr. Spencer Reid) – He is a nice person and generally will sign an autograph for a fan.  He has one of the worst signatures I have ever seen in 40 years of collecting autographs.  If you didn’t know who signed your item, you would never guess.

Paget Brewster (SSA Emily Prentiss) – She isn’t a good signer at all really.  I don’t know if the success of this role has gone to her head or why she is so difficult.  I have never seen her sign an autograph.

Shemar Moore (SSA Derek Morgan) – Mr. Moore is a lot like Thomas Gibson inasmuch as he tends to be hot and cold signing autographs.  I have seen him be very generous with his fans and, I have seen him completely ignore them as well.

Kirsten Vangsness (Analyst Penelope Garcia) – She is a very, very nice person and a very good signer as well.  She always takes her time, talks about the show with fans and, will sign for everyone.  She is a super lady!

A.J. Cook (SSA Jennifer “JJ” Jareau) – Ms. Cook is a decent signer but not great.  She used to be much better but as the show has gotten more and more popular, she has become more difficult.  You can still get her to sign an autograph but, she can be a challenge.

I hope you enjoyed the signing habits of the Cast of Criminal Minds.  Please check out my autograph web store

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