Collecting Autographs – Vince Lombardi’s Packers

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Today, we are going to review the signing habits of some coach Vince Lombardi’s players.  Most are very good singers but, as you will see, there are some exceptions.

Willie Davis (HOF) – He is a very classy person and a great signer.  Over the years, I have never seen him turn down an autograph request.  A fantastic guy!

Fuzzy ThurstonJust like Willie Davis, Mr. Thurston never turns down a fan.  He loves to talk about coach Lombardi as well. Class all the way!

Paul Hornung (HOF) – The Heisman Trophy winner (1956) is a very tough signature to get.  I have seen him act like a complete jerk to many collectors over years.  However, he will always sign his name for pay.

Bart Starr (HOF) – This Hall of Fame quarterback is an amazing man.  He is quiet, gentle and has so much class.  He is equally great off the field as was on it.

Herb Adderley (HOF) – Just like Bart Starr, Mr. Adderley has a quiet dignity about him.  He always signs for fans and is a fantastic human being.

Jerry Kramer – The author of “Instant Replay” is not always a very nice person.  Similar to Paul Hornung, he can be very rude to fans requesting his autograph.

Willie Wood (HOF) – Just like his counterpart in the secondary Herb Adderley, Willie Wood is a great guy.   He is very good with autograph collectors and loves to chat about the good old days.

Carroll DaleMr. Dale was not only Bart Starr’s favorite target but, he is a favorite of autograph collectors as well.  He is very generous with his time and signature.  He loves to chat about the old Packers too.

Jim Taylor (HOF) – This LSU alum is a very thoughtful, kind man.  He will almost always sign one item for a fan. 

Forrest Gregg (HOF) – Vince Lombardi call Forrest Gregg, “the greatest athlete I ever coached”.  Unfortunately, he isn’t so great at giving his autograph to fans.  I have witnessed Mr. Gregg act very rude to fans staring a hole right through them or, acting as though they don’t exist by ignoring them.

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