Collecting Autographs – MLB, Signing Habits of 2011 San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants cap insignia

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The San Francisco Giants are in town, playing the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium.  Today’s blog will look at the signing habits of their team.

Tim Lincecum – He is on the quiet side but very nice.  Takes him time and gives a quality signature.  Two Cy Young Awards haven’t jaded him.

Matt CainA fantastic signer!  Mr. Cain is a very gracious and willing signer.

Barry Zito – He has always been a good signer and loves to interact with his fans.  He isn’t a good as he used to be but is still excellent.

Brian Wilson – He is perhaps the strangest looking man in baseball but, is a good signer.  He doesn’t  say much but will sign when asked.

Pablo SandovalThe Panda has really lost a lot of weight.  I mean a lot!  He looks totally different, in fact, I almost didn’t recognize him.  At any rate, he did sign two items for me.

Buster Posey – This superstar in the making is also a superstar signer.  He signed one item for me and about another dozen collectors.

Aaron Rowand – This former White Sox is a super nice person and a great signer.  He is really as nice as they come.

Bruce Bochy – The Giants manager is a very willing and gracious signer.  He will sign multiple items if asked.

I didn’t bump into everyone on the team but, all in all the current World Series Champs are great signers. 

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