Collecting Autographs – Dallas Cowboys Triplets….Aikman, Smith & Irvin

Dallas Cowboys helmet

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Today we are reviewing the signing habits of the “The Triplets“.  These three Hall of Fame players were the cornerstones of 1990’s Dallas Cowboys dynasty.

Troy AikmanHe is true class all the way!  Troy Aikman will almost always go out of his way to make certain that he signs an autograph for a fan.  He is kind, considerate and remarkably patient with autograph collectors.  The only challenge with this great quarterback is that he is so recognizable, he is swarmed by his adoring fans almost everywhere he goes.

Emmitt SmithEverything that Troy Aikman is, Emmitt Smith seems not to be.  I have seen him in autograph situations, approximately a dozen or so times over the years.  I have only seen him sign two autographs in all that time.  He has an aloof attitude and will generally ignore a fans request acting as though the person doesn’t exist.  A very disappointing state of affairs from a great athlete.

Michael IrvinMr. Irvin was the fiery, emotional leader of this great team and when meeting him, it’s evident those flames still burn hot.  He is personable, fun to chat with and a great signer.  I have rarely seen him turn down an autograph request.  This extroverted man is a blast to meet.  If you like charisma, you will love Michael Irvin.

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