Collecting Autographs – 2011 Boston Red Sox

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As most of you know, I live in the Los Angeles area.  The Red Sox were in town this past week for a four game series versus the Angels.  Here are my experiences with seven members of the team.

Terry FranconaA great guy and a fantastic signer. 

Jason VaritekA very nice person and is a willing signer

John LackeyNot overly friendly and to the best of my knowledge turned down every request.

Dustin PedroiaThe 2008 American League MVP was willing to sign one item for just about everyone who asked.

David OrtizBig Papi was gracious and signed one for every collector.

Adrian GonzalezThe Red Sox new first baseman was in a hurry but signed a quick autograph for me.

Carl Crawford – Not only hit a home run in the forth game of the series but signed for just about everyone.

I hope you all like today’s blog on the Red Sox.  Feel free to check out my autograph web store at

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