Collecting Autographs – Astronauts that Have Walked on the Moon

Neil A. Armstrong, Eagle Scout and first perso...

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There are a total of 12 men that have walked on the Moon.  Nasa conducted moon landings from 1969 – 1972.  Of the original 12, nine are still alive.  Here are these American heroes, and their signing habits.

Neil ArmstrongHe used to be a great signer, but no long signs anything period.

Buzz AldrinHe will sign through the mail for $250 per signature (ouch).  The best way to get him is at a bookstore when he is promoting a new book.

Pete ConradDied July 8, 1999

Alan BeanHe is a very nice guy and will sign unless their are a lot of people.  He charges $150 through the mail

Alan ShepardDied July 21, 1998

Edgar MitchellDoes not like to sign but will provide a signed photo though his website  for  $75.

David Scott – Mr. Scott is basically a recluse and as a result is almost impossible to obtain.

James IrwinDied August 8, 1991

John Young – Mr. Young is a very good signer, especially for an astronaut.  He will always sign unless there are too many people.

Charles DukeA super nice guy, one of the best astronauts at signing.

Eugene CernanOne of the better signers, will almost always sign his book

Harrison SchmidtVery tough signer and very difficult to obtain.

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