Collecting Autographs – Stars of Tennis

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Today’s Blog will focus on the The Stars of Tennis

Billy Jean King – She will always sign at least one item.  The only thing unusual about her is that she always insists on personalizing everything.

John NewcombeThis Aussie is a great signer and rarely turns down a request.  He is a real gentleman too.

John McEnroeA very nice guy (surprising to some I am sure) and a willing signer.  Loves to chat.

Roger FedererHe is a very nice guy, on the quiet side that always signs.  Usually limits autographs one to a collector.

Venus WilliamsOthers say she is great but I have never had any luck with her.

Andre AgassiHe is a good guy and a generous signer.  Great personality too.

Steffi GrafAndre Agassi’s wife and is just as good of signer as he is.  Unlike her husband, she is on the quiet side.

Stan SmithAnother Aussie that is a good signer.  He can also be very funny.

Andy RoddickNice guy, good signer when he isn’t mobbed by fans.  His signature is terrible though.

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Today’s Celebrity Address

Andre Agassi

c/o Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation, Inc
3883 Howard Hughes Parkway # 750
Las Vegas NV 89169

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