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Hello my fellow autograph collectors. The subject matter for today’s blog is the United States Supreme Court. I will offer some insight as to the signing habits of the Chief Justice and the Associate Justices.

Chief Justice John Roberts – He is not an easy signature to get. He will offer an autograph occasionally but not often. Treasure this one if you are lucky to get him.

Antonin ScaliaHe is one of the most challenging Associate Justices to obtain.  He just doesn’t like to sign his name.  I have gotten him twice but it wasn’t easy.  He loves to chat about the law and engage in a lively debate.

Anthony KennedyA willing signer as long as it isn’t too inconvenient for him.  He is also a very nice person.

Clarence ThomasAn amazing signer.  I have never seen him turn down an autograph request.  He is very gracious and has a great personality.  I super nice guy who is very considerate of his fans.

Ruth Bader GinsburgShe is another fantastic signer.  She will sign willingly and is very pleasant to chat with.

Stephen BreyerAnother very nice man and a gracious signer.  This humble man is always willing to sign an autograph for anyone who cares to ask.

Samuel Alito – He is a good signer as well.  Justice Alito isn’t as willing as some of the others but will sign.  I have gotten autographs from him twice and both were great experiences.

Sonia Soto Mayor – I have only encountered her one and she was great.  She generously signed two items for me.  It is my understanding that she isn’t as willing to sign as she once was.

Elena KaganA very nice person who will sign an autograph without any hesitation.  She is also very friendly and engaging.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s Supreme Court autograph blog.  Feel free to check out my web store

Today’s Celebrity Address

 Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, N.E.,
Washington, DC 20543

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