Collecting Autographs – MLB Hall of Fame Outfielders, Left Field

Rickey Henderson's Hall of Fame Plaque.

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I hope you are enjoying this series of the signing habits of the living members of the baseball Hall of Fame.  Today we are focusing on Left Fielders

Lou Brock / St. Louis Cardinals – A very nice and pleasant man.  He will almost always take time and sign for a fan.  You will always have a nice experience with him.

Rickey Henderson / Oakland A’sAdmittedly he has an unusual personality however, I have always found the all-time Stolen Base King to be a willing signer.  He is also very funny.

Ralph Kiner / Pittsburgh Pirates – He used be to an unbelievable signer but he is much older now and it’s harder for him.  He will still accommodate a fan depending on the circumstances.

Stan Musial / St. Louis Cardinals – Class, Class, Class.  I don’t think “Stan the Man” has every turned down an autograph request.  He is a throwback to a bygone era and is just a fantastic human being.

Jim Rice / Boston Red SoxThe polar opposite of Stan Musial.  He rarely signs at all.  His chosen method of declining a fan is to completely ignore them, acting as though they don’t exist.  He must be a very miserable person.

Billy Williams / Chicago Cubs – A great signer who like Stan Musial oozes class.  He never turns a fan down and is a very nice man.  Billy Williams is in the class Hall of Fame too.

Carl Yastrzemski / Boston Red Sox – He isn’t as bad as Jim Rice but certainly not good either.  It’s are rare day when you get Yaz’s signature.  Maybe it’s the water in Boston. 

That is it for today.  On my next blog I will cover living MLB Hall of Fame Center Fielders.  Feel free to check out my autograph on-line store –

Today’s Celebrity Address

Billy Williams

c/o Chicago Cubs
1060 West Addison Street
Chicago IL 60613

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  1. Thank you for the work you have done into this post, it helps clear away a few questions I had.

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