Collecting Autographs – MLB Hall of Fame Third Basemen

Retired number of Mike Schmidt

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Hello baseball fans and autograph collectors.  Today we are reviewing the signing habits of the living 3rd basemen in the Baseball Hall of Fame

Brooks Robinson / Baltimore Oriolesthe human vacuum cleaner is one of the nicest, most humble and friendly members of the Hall of Fame.  I have never seen him turn down a single request.  He is fantastic!

Mike Schmidt / Philadelphia Philliesthe all-time home run leader for 3rd base is a great guy!  He always take time to sign at least one.  He is friendly, loves his fans, has an outgoing personality and is a class act!

George Brett / Kansas City Royalsthe toughest signer of the living 3rd basemen in the Hall of Fame.  That being said, he is a very good signer.  Mr. Brett, is outgoing and loves engaging fans. 

Wade Boggs / Boston Red Sox & New York Yankees – is a little on the quieter side but a great signer.  Like Brooks Robinson and Mike Schmidt he always signs at least one item.  A very nice person

Thank you for reading my blog.  I hope you enjoyed third basemen.  Of course feel free to check out my on-line autograph store

Today’s Celebrity Address

Wade Boggs

6006 Windham Place
Tampa Palms FL 33647-1149

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