Collecting Autographs – MLB Hall of Fame Catchers

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Hello everyone!  The baseball season is again upon us and I love it!  Yesterday I was at the Giants v. Dodgers opening day game and it was great!  Clayton Kershaw outdueled Tim Lincecum 2-1! 

In celebration of the new season, we are going to chat about living MLB Hall of Fame catchers today and their signing habits.

Johnny Bench / Cincinnati Reds Arguably the greatest all around catcher that has ever lived.  Mr. Bench has become a difficult signer as he as aged.  These days I see him turn down many more requests than he grants.  You can still get him but it’s not easy.

Yogi Berra / New York Yankees – Yogi is still a fantastic signer unless there is a big crowd of people.  He is almost 86 so you have to give him the benefit of the doubt, but is still fantastic!

Gary Carter / Montreal Expos & New York Mets“The Kid” is truly one of the nicest people you will ever meet and is a very willing signer.  He charges $25 for each baseball card he signs but the 100% on the money goes to his charity.

Carlton Fisk / Boston Red Sox & Chicago White Sox – “Pudge” has gotten more challanging as time has gone by and can be almost considered grouchy most of the times.  He is easier to get to sign than Johnny Bench but still fairly tough.

Celebrity Address of the Day

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1908 East Lincoln Hwy
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