Collecting Autographs – NFL Hall of Fame Members – Class of 2011

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Hi everyone!  Today I am going to chat about the newest class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and their signing habits.

Class of 2011

Richard Dent / Chicago BearsThe big man is a good signer.  I have gotten at least one signature from him every time I have asked.

Marshall Faulk / Indianapolis Colts & St. Louis Rams A very tough autograph.  I have seen him turn down many, many people and only seen him take the time to sign an autograph twice.

Chris Hanburger / Washington RedskinsA truly class act!  Mr. Hanburger is one of the best signers out there.  I have never failed to get him and have never seen him turn down a request.

Ed Sabol / NFL Films – Mr. Sabol is a great guy, and always comes through wtih a signature.  Another class act.

Deion Sanders Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys + others – Not a Hall of Fame signer.  He can be very tough almost all of the time.  It doesn’t help that he gets mobbed everywhere he goes.

Shannon Sharpe / Denver Broncos – Mr. Sharpe is hit and miss.  I have seen him sign for everyone and likewise have seen him refuse one-on-one requests.

I hope you all enjoyed todays blog.

Today’s Celebrity Address:

NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell

Commissioner Of Football
280 Park Ave
New York, NY 10017

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