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Seal of the President of the United States

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Good morning to everyone out there.  Today we are going to focus on politicial autographs.  They are fun to collect and needless to say very relevant considering all that is going on in the world today.

to the wise – Since John F. Kenned, every sitting president has used an auto pen.  They are too busy running the free world to sign your item.  After they leave office they tend to be slightly more responsive to the items they recieve.  That last great signing president was Gerald Ford who would basically autograph anything you mailed him.

Here is a review of the living presidents and their signing habits:

Jimmy Carter: He will always sign books and sometimes a photo.  The good news is that you can send him as many books as you want and you will quickly get back an autographed book from a former president. 

*When sending books through the US Mail always send the Media Mail

George H.W. Bush – was a good signed when he first left office.  Will still generally sign copies of his book and some photos.

Bill Clinton – Not a good signer at all.  Very rarely will you get anything back.

George W. Bush – Does not return items you sent.  At best you will get a pre printed photo.

Don’t forget the important rule of never sending anything through the mail that you are not fully prepared to lose.

Today’s celebrity address is former President Jimmy Carter:

453 Freedom Parkway
One Copenhill
Atlanta, GA 30307

Thanks everyone  and until next time.  Also if you would like to check out my autograph website it is www.autographedfirstdaycovers.com


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