Collecting Autographs – Choosing what you want signed

Tim Allen on the wall of the Carnegie Deli

Choosing whose autograph you want or what field you want to collect is one thing but also of equal importance is what you want to get signed.  There are a wide variety of items that you can select  from,  and one is really no better than the other.  It’s all just a matter of preference really.  Some thing to consider are storage, how you wish to display your autograph collection, the cost of a particular item to purchase in order to get signed, how the specific item you choose is affects the value if you ever choose to sell.

Examples of Common Items to get Autographed

Photographs (most commonly 8×10’s), First Day Covers, CD Inserts or Record Album Covers, Magazine Covers, Books, Posters, Sports Cards, Entertainment Cards, Sports Equipment such as Baseballs, Baseball Bats, Footballs, Golf Balls, Hockey Pucks, Uniform Tops and so forth, Golf Scorecards, Golf Flags, Pennants, Sporting Event Programs and Ticket Stubs.

There are many other items you can choose but the most important thing in autograph collecting is to find items that work for you and give you the greatest level of satisfaction.

Today’s Celebrity Address

Tim Allen (Comedian/Actor)

c/o Boxing Cat Productions
11500 Hart Street
North Hollywood, CA 91605

That is all for today folks.  Stay tuned tomorrow as I will cover more autograph information.  Steve

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