Collecting Autographs

Glenn as U.S. Senator (D-OH)

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Hello everybody!  My name is Steve Nelson and I have been collecting autographs for over 42 years.  The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences and to help educate those who are interested on effective ways to start and grow their collection.   I live in the Los Angeles, CA area which helps to have access to all celebrity types.  If you don’t live in a large metropolitan area don’t be discouraged inasmuch as there are many ways you can still have a fantastic collection.  Collecting Signatures of famous people can be fun and profitable and over the coming weeks, months and years I hope to show you what I have learned.

I am interested in feedback telling me what specifically you would like to know about.  If there are any special areas you are interested.  Please feel free to offer any criticism you have. 

I will also be providing you a celebrity address on each blog.  My first is:

Senator John Glenn the first man to orbit the earth.

c/o John Glenn Institute
The Ohio State University
304 Page Hall
1810 College Road
Columbus, OH 43210

I hope you enjoy what is to come and happy collecting!


Feel free to check out my autograph store on Ebay!

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